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Mechanical die cutting presses

Mechanical die cutting presses

Mechanical die cutting for hig speed applications

Our range of mechanical die cutting presses is specially built for high speed applications where customers are requiring through cut or kiss cut solutions.

A complete production line

A complete production line can be build up with standard modules (die cutting press, unwinding and rewinding units, edge and cross cutting, knock out systems, etc.

The machines can be provided with a power between 10 and 80 Tons and a cutting area between 350 x 350 mm to 800 x 800 mm

The production speed of a typical mechanical press is about 180 strokes/min, and this can go up with our rotating press with a speed of 500 RPM.

In addition of our mechanical presses we can also offer all surrounding equipment like slitting machines or guillotines in high speed application mode. The reliability of our lines is proven and several hundreds of machines are running worldwide.

Typical mechanical die cutting applications

Typical applications are: gaskets, seals, small foam parts, kiss cut products, etc.

Mechanical die cutting presses types