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Manual coloring bench / vice – Model SA 500

Specially studied in partnership with our leather manufacturer customer, this removable coloring vice SUTEAU-ANVER with its versions, is designed to realize finishing operations.

It is located on any table and allows your coloring technicians to have on a small area all the means necessary for their coloring operations.

Technical features

  • One finishing set tilted, placed on a table
  • 2 Adjustable pneumatic cylinders for pressure and speed closing of the removable vice
  • Bimanual safety
  • 1 Removable clamping vice model SA 502
  • Length 500 mm
  • Useful length 420 mm
  • Useful heigth 120 mm
  • Clamping width from 20 to 60 mm for asymmetrical shapes
  • 1 Additional removable clamping vice model SA 502
  • 2 Vice support SA 501, placed on table including :
    • 1 Support with front and rear stops
    • 2 Transport handles


  • SA 1500 for a useful length of 1320 mm

A wide range of spare parts is also available and in stock.

Don’t hesitate to contact our spare parts department to the following email : achats@suteau-anver.com

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