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Machine to apply accessories / riveting / crimping / perforating – Model PMC ELECTRIC and PMC PNEUMATIC

Electrical machine
Pneumatic machine
Video electrical machine
Video pneumatic machine

This machine is designed and manufactued by SUTEAU-ANVER specially realized for leather goods industry.

Electrical or pneumatic versions

Its developpement has integrated the strenght of materials and ability to ensure a crinping always identic, ergonomics, safety and confort for your operators.

Its versatility enables it to perform a wide variety of operations necessary for assembling the components of a bag, or luggage.

These operations will be prepared in our factory by our technicians dedicated to the leather goods, and delivered “turnkey” with tools and tested with your pieces before shipment.

The machine is manufactured with modules that you choose to get your final machine


Options are added to customize your working tool according to the operation you realize

Available versions

  • Electrical machine PMC ELITE
  • Pneumatic machine PMC 160
  • Pneumatic machine PMC 600