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Splitting machine – Model CAMOGA

Camoga Splitting machine

This range of CAMOGA splitting machine complete the SUTEAU-ANVER range for many years in accordance with the 3 fundamental principles of CAMOGA :

  1. Quality and accuracy to guarantee excellence in performances
  2. Ergonomy and flexibility to increase productivity and reduce operational costs
  3. Reliability and solidity to ensure our customers running times of the splitting machine up to 25/30 years

Business fields :

  • Synthetic
  • Textile
  • Leather
  • Foams
  • Plastics
  • Felt
  • Rubber
  • Etc.

Technical features

  • Automatic advance of the band knives
  • Automatic adjustment of the band knive at his changing (without parallelism adjusment)
  • Ceramic or diamond sharpening unit with micrometric accuracy
  • Quick adjustment of the bevels width
  • Simultaneous sharpening control of the 2 grindstones
  • Band knive guides unit with automatic adjustment
  • Independent exhauster unit with separation of the sharpening dust and scraps
  • Quick regulation of the working pressure (pneumatic)
  • Working display including instructions and messages, alarms and maintenance
  • Digital visualization of the thickness
  • Speed inverter for the loading of the material
  • Optical control of the bevel
  • Cooling system of the band knives guides on the wide width models
  • Safety system with CE standards
  • Low noise level
  • Access to all components for an easy and quick servicing


  • Upper rule (Mini. thickness 0,2 mm)
  • Upper steel roller (Mini. thickness 0,6 mm)
  • Lower knurled steel roller
  • Lower rubber roller
  • Belts tool
  • Diamond grindstone
  • Etc

A wide range of band knives, grindstones, spare parts is also available and in stock.

Don’t hesitate to contact our spare parts department to the following email achats@suteau-anver.com

Available versions

  • C420
  • C520
  • C620
  • C720
  • C820
  • C1520
  • CN411
  • Compact
  • Star

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