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Embossing / Cutting / Overcutting machine – Model BT4

This hydraulic press is an extremely versatile machine with a power of 90 tons to 180 tons, depending on the version. It allows you to make embossing, cutting, overcutting and marking with great accuracy and power.

The pressure central hydraulic cylinder has a high capacity and the mechanical stop allows to control accurately the depth of the embossing, cutting and marking.

Fields of activity:

  • The leathergoods where this type of machine is in production for several decades
  • The industry where the accuracy of the cutting on steel plate is appreciated

Cutting or material overcutting is realized on polypropylene, on aluminium, on blue plate or on rectified steel.

The working cycle is automatic and programmable (temperature/fitting time).

Technical features

  • Useful power from 90 to 180 tons adjustable
  • Useful area from 500×450 mm to 1000x800mm
  • Opening 75 mm
  • Stroke 75 mm
  • Inward automatic carriage with adjustable speed
  • With or without mechanical stop
  • With or without plate with automatic opening
  • With or without plate die-holder on upper part
  • With or without heating in lower and upper parts (maxi 190°)
  • Plating temporization
  • Counter
  • Parameter display
  • Mechanical protection in front side or cells


  • Feeding material with rollers
  • Holder-rollers

Available versions

  • BT4/2 – 90 Tons    500x450mm
  • BT4/2 – 120 Tons   500x450mm
  • BT4/3 – 120 Tons   600x500mm
  • BT4/4 – 180 Tons   700x600mm
  • BT4/4 – 180 Tons   1000x800mm

Machine also available sizes on request according to your needs.

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