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Laminating machine for rolls and sheets

Laminating for sheets and rolls
Laminating for sheets only

Experience the pinnacle of laminating efficiency with SUTEAU-ANVER’s laminating machine

Welcome to the world of superior laminating with SUTEAU-ANVER’s laminating machine, a marvel in the field of flexible materials processing. Designed and manufactured with over 75 years of expertise, our machine stands as a testament to industrial excellence.

Our range of laminating machines is the most complete and offers the best available performance today. SUTEAU-ANVER both designs and manufactures its machines which are compact, sturdy, simple to use and specially developed to meet all your requirements. Given our expertise and the customised solutions we can offer, with whatever material you choose to use the quality of your work will be impeccable.

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Key Features


In conclusion, SUTEAU-ANVER’s laminating machine stands as an automatic, manual, and industrial laminating machine rolled into one. Whether you need laminating adhesives, foil, or tape processing, our machine is the ultimate solution for efficient, high-quality lamination. Choose excellence, choose SUTEAU-ANVER.

Technical features

Standard width: From 600 to 2500 mm
Laminating speed: 0 to 50 meters/minute
Laminating rollers diameter: 200 mm
Maxi laminating rollers opening: 150 mm
Internal core: in 76 mm or others on request


  • Heating systems
  • Trimming
  • Manual or automatic cross cutting
  • Unwinders
  • Rewinders
  • Longitudinal cuts
  • Converyor belt
  • Simple or vacuum tables
  • Stackers

Available versions

  • Laminating for sheets only
  • Laminating for rolls only
  • Laminating for both rolls and sheets

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