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Automatic coloring bench/vice – Model SA 200


Coloring machine Suteau Anver

This coloring bench manufactured by SUTEAU-ANVER is designed to carry out the various finishing operations for belts and shoulder straps. It allows to make your operations successively with a homogeneous and regular finishing. The station is compact and includes various means necessary to finishing operations.

Technical features


  • A mobile infrared lamp for drying parts parts
  • A system for raising the to adapt the height of the of the workstation

A wide range of spare parts is available and in stock.

Don’t hesitate to contact our spare parts department to the following email : achats@suteau-anver.com

Available versions

  • SA 200 TECH
    • useful width: 1450 mm
  • SA 200 TECH XL
    • useful width: 2050 mm

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