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Rotary die-cutting machine for cut through and kiss cut

Our range of rotating kiss cutting machines is perfectly suited to cutting soft materials with a high throughput. As both the designer and manufacturer, SUTEAU-ANVER supplies compact, sturdy, easy-to-use machines that are specially designed for all your requirements.

The rotating die is designed in collaboration with specialist die-makers and tested using your materials in rolls.

Technical features

  • Rotating die maxi width 600 mm with input guiding
  • Very quick system for fitting or unfitting the tools
  • Adjustement of the cutting position with manual micro screw or by pressure
  • Output guiding part after cutting
  • Asynchronous motor
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 500 rpm
  • The number of imprints that can be cut in one revolution will depend on the shape of the imprints and the constraints of the die-maker
  • Control cabinet with speed variator, console and safety guards
  • Machine with safety guards in « altuglass », sliding door
  • Machine weight 600 kgs
  • Electric power 5 KW


  • With the servomotor, the number of imprints cut per line can be counted on the die.

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