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Mechanical kiss-cutting press

Mechanical kiss-cutting press

Discover the best die-cutting machine: the SUTEAU-ANVER high-speed mechanical die-cutting machine

In the realm of industrial cutting equipment, the SUTEAU-ANVER High-Speed Mechanical Die-Cutting Machine stands out as a top contender. As a leading cutting machine supplier, we present this cutting-edge tool, designed for the advanced cutting technology needs of modern industries. Our high-speed mechanical cutter machine is an epitome of precision and efficiency.

Ranging from a single machine to the complete line your rolls or sheets of soft material can be fully or half cut, cut into strips, trimmed and your soft materials unwound and re-wound.

Depending on your rate of feed, this type of machine allows you to achieve up to 180 cuts a minute, given that, for example, one cut may represent twenty or so imprints (depending on the dimensions of the dies and the machine’s cutting power).

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We look after the entire process and setting up your machinery so that you can produce your products with an extremely high throughput and under the best possible conditions.

Key Features


As a top die-cutting machines provider, we ensure each machine is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our commitment to quality, combined with advanced technology, makes the SUTEAU-ANVER High-Speed Mechanical Die-Cutting Machine a valuable asset for any industrial operation.

Technical features

  • Power from 10 to 80 tons
  • Working area from 350 X 350 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Maxi rate 180 strokes/mn
  • Min. rate 60 strokes/mn
  • Mechanical accuracy of advance +/- 0,1 mm
  • Manual adjustment of the cut accurate to 0,01 mm
  • Double roller feed up line and down line of the cutting area with pneumatic opening
  • Electrical power from 7 to 20 Kw


Upline peripherals

  • Unwinders
  • Rewinders
  • Laminating unit
  • Depalletiser
  • Junction table / splicing table

Downline peripherals

  • Knock-out station
  • Slitting unit
  • Rewinders
  • Cross cutting / guillotine
  • Conveyor belts
  • Automatic stacking systems

Available versions

  • Model 110: cutting power: 10T
  • Model 120: cutting power: 20T
  • Model 135: cutting power: 35T
  • Model 150: cutting power: 50T
  • Model 180: cutting power: 80T

Useful working area and cutting power

  • 350 x 350 mm | 10 tons
  • 400 x 400 mm | 20 tons | 35 tons | 50 tons
  • 500 x 500 mm | 20 tons | 35 tons | 50 tons
  • 600 x 600 mm | 35 tons | 50 tons | 80 tons
  • 800 x 800 mm | 50 tons | 80 tons
  • 1000 x 1000 mm | 80 tons

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