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Receding head die-cutting press – Model PTMV

Receding head hydraulic die-cutting machine model PTMV: Precision and Efficiency in every Cut

industrial die-cutting machine
PTMV die-cutting machine
Receding head hydraulic die-cutting machine model PTMV

Welcome to the future of die-cutting with our state-of-the-art Receding Head Hydraulic Die-Cutting Machine, Model PTMV. Designed and manufactured with over 75 years of expertise in the flexible materials industry, this machine is a true testament to our commitment to innovation and quality.

This extreme efficiency of this solidly-built press, specially designed for cutting any non-metallic material, depends on its built-in hydraulics.

A horizontal moving beam moves forwards and back for each cut on a hydraulic cylinder, leaving the entire cutting area free and enabling the operator to position his die and remove the cut-outs. As an option, if required, the die can be attached to the face of the beam and in that case the operator collects only the cut out pieces. In other words, on this machine, the counterpunches can be situated either on the beam or on the rising table.

The return distance of the beam is adjustable on the tactile screen in increments of 100 mm (parametrable). The table rises vertically to meet the beam when the beam is in the forward position.

Easy to use thanks to its touch-screen interface this receding head cutting press guarantees productivity, efficiency, minimum maintenance and safety for your production operators.

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Key Features

Your Partner in Excellence

Choosing the Receding Head Hydraulic Die-Cutting Machine Model PTMV means choosing a partner in excellence. Our dedication to providing the best in die-cutting technology is reflected in every aspect of this machine. Elevate your production capabilities and experience the difference in precision, efficiency, and quality with the PTMV.

Technical features

Electrical energy: 400 Volts three-phase + Neutral + Earth 50hz
Speed of the beam, forward and back: 56 m/mn
Accuracy of beam stop: +/-10 mm
Approach speed: 167 mm/s not adjustable
Cutting speed: 22 mm/s not adjustable
Opening speed: 198 mm/s not adjustable
Stroke: 70 mm
Daylight between table and beam
(without die and without block):
110 mm
Height of the work surface: 940 mm



  • Feeding systems
  • Unwinders
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Die-holder above the beam
  • Die-holder under the beam
  • Machine without front cover
  • Mechanical posi-stops
  • Soundproofing
  • Painting on request
  • Cutting block / die clamping systems
  • Servo-pump

Available versions

  • Available in an EC standard / three phase.
  • Available in 100% electrical

Useful working area and cutting power

  • 1000×500 mm | 25 tons
  • 1600×600 mm | 40 tons
  • 2000×800 mm | 70 tons
  • 2000×900 mm | 100 tons

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