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Swing arm cutting press – Model ARES LM 10 SUPER


Available in three models:

  • 900 x 450 mm
  • 1000 x 500 mm
  • 1200 x 500 mm

Maximum power 27 tons, it is equipped with automatic stroke end with pressure switch to use cutting-knives of different height without
any adjustment , assisted beam movement + ELECTRONIC CUT.

Technical features

  • Power 27 tons
  • Width of the swing beam from 380 mm to 610 mm
  • Stroke 100 mm
  • Sizes of the table delivered with block from 900x 450 to 1200×500 mm
  • EC standard guards
  • Cell barrier
  • Control display includes parameters for the arm’s cutting and rotation as well as assistance for  maintenance and the after sales service

2 cutting modes :

  • Mode 1 – automatically controls the cutting point whatever the height of the cutters.
  • Mode 2 – controls the time taken by the swing beam to come down
  • For both modes, the cutting power can be adjusted using a potentiometer


  • Holding system for the arm once the power has been switched off
  • Control by “joysticks”
  • The handles can be inclined to 45°
  • Control by sensitive bar
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Discard container
  • Block can be taken out from the side
  • Trolley to hold the blocks
  • Stand
  • Storage for the dies

Available versions

Available in an EC standard / non EC standard / Single phase or three phase.

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