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Automatic cross cutting machine – Guillotine

Discover the ultimate guillotine cutting system: The SUTEAU-ANVER guillotine systems. In the forefront of industrial cutting solutions, these machines stand out as a leading choice. As a renowned cutting machine supplier, we proudly offer these innovative systems, crafted for the advanced cutting technology needs of today’s industries. Our guillotine systems epitomize precision and efficiency.

Our cross cutting range includes a fully automatic high throughput machine in a standard width of 650 mm.

As designer and manufacturer, SUTEAU-ANVER offers you a compact, easy-to-operate machine that has been specially developed to meet your requirements.

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Key Features

The SUTEAU-ANVER guillotine systems are not just cutting tools, but a revolution in cutting technology, providing unmatched accuracy and speed. Whether it’s foam, paper, plastics, vinyl, or other materials, these machines handle them with unparalleled precision.


As a leading guillotine cutting machine provider, we ensure our machines are tailored to the unique demands of our clients. Our commitment to quality, combined with advanced technology, makes the SUTEAU-ANVER pneumatic and electric guillotine systems an essential asset for any industrial operation seeking efficiency, precision, and versatility.

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Technical features

  • Useful width 650 mm or others on request
  • Rate from 0 to 130 strokes/mn
  • Machine weight 850 kgs
  • Electric power 6 KW


  • Conveyor belt to remove the cut-out pieces 2 stacking modes: in piles or overlapping
  • Feeding systems
  • Unwinders

Available versions

  • Pneumatic
  • Electric

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