Suteau Anver

After-Sales Department

65 years’experience in designing and making equipment for industry, leather goods and footwear, our after-sales team of 12 technicians multidisciplinary highly reactive and with a strong professional experience is ready to respond in 24/48H.

Spare parts :

A team of technicians at your disposal to advise you. More than 8.000 items in stock for SUTEAU-ANVER machines and brands that we distribute in France (Elitron-Comelz-Galli-Ares-Camoga-Atom-Antares-Bibo-Electrotecnica BC-Imesa-RFS Comec-Fortuna-Omac-Omav-Sagitta-Cerim-Sarema…).

Shipment of your spare parts orders in the day ensuring delivery within 24/48h.

On site intervention :

Our after-sales service responsible will work with you in order to find a solution as quickly as possible. After a phone diagnosis, he will establish the best strategy to implement in order to restart your production in the shortest possible time and thereby reduce at the maximum production downtime.

Reconditioning machine :

Our know-how acquired over many years in the field of standard and special machine allow us to recondition your SUTEAU-ANVER machines or European brands machines in the field of leather goods and footwear…in our factory or in your plant.

Contacts :

  • After-sales – Maintenance


TEL +33 (0) 2 41 49 11 99

  • Spare Parts


TEL +33 (0) 2 41 49 11 99

FAX +33 (0) 2 41 55 16 73