Suteau Anver


SUTEAU-ANVER is a recognized world leading company, producing die cutting machines, and laminating machines.

Our machine range

Hydraulic die cutting presses

receding head cutting pressReceding beam press

Available in a power range between 25 Tons and 500 Tons, these machines are extremely reliable and used in different kind of applications: automotive,leather,packaging, etc…

The cutting area starts at 1000 mm x 500 mm to 2400 mm x 1200 mm

These presses are mostly used in standalone applications where the operator needs to pick up the parts from the cutting table manually. The receding head allows an easy access to the cutting area after cutting process.

To increase the productivity, machines can be equipped with infeed systems allowing an easy infeed of the material to the cutting area.

Movable beam press

Advantage of this machine range compared to the receding head presses, is the cutting on belt operation mode. Machine is used where high production output is needed and where the customer is looking for automatization.

Material infeed, cutting and outfeed is done on a conveyor belt, and the high accuracy of our machine range increase the lifetime of the belt.

Cutting area and power range is like the receding head presses

Mechanical die cutting presses

Mechanical pressMechanical press

Designed for high speed applications with a flatbed die cutting area. Typical applications: gaskets,kiss cutting, small parts, etc…

A mechanical press is mostly composed as follows: an unwinding or infeed table for the material, the cutting press, and an outfeed table or rewinding system for material and waste.

Customized applications for kiss cutting or knock out systems can be integrated to the line.

Our range: from 10 to 80 Tons with cutting area till 1000mm x 1000mm.

Rotating kiss cutting machineRotating press

As the mechanical ones, designed for high speed but with a rotating tool instead of the flatbed.

The production speed of a typical mechanical press is about 180 strokes/min, and it can speed up  to 500 RPM with our rotating press.


Industrial laminating machineLaminating lines

Machines designed for applying a glue paper to a flexible material by pressure between 2 laminating rolls.

Machines can be equipped with several unwinders for the glue paper (top and bottom), material unwinders allowing to create a sandwich lamination (glue paper, material, glue paper for example).

By integrating heating devices (IR emitters or heated rolls), we can increase the adhesion between the material and the glue.

Machines can also be equipped with infeed conveyor, outfeed conveyor and in line and cross cutting devices (allowing to create sheets from rolls or to laminate sheets)

Our laminating machine will be designed in accordance with the specifications of each customer, taking into account the application and the budget.