Newsletter 6

“Suteau-Anver : Ready for the future”

It will be a pleasure to meet you on the K2016. Our international team will provide you all needed information about our product range.
Suteau Anver Germany
Suteau-Anver Germany

Since more than 30 years, Suteau-Anver is present on the German market, through our dedicated sales agent. After the retirement of our agent end 2015, we decided to re-inforce our presence in the German market.

Since 1st of January 2016, Suteau-Anver is present on the market with our own local German subsidiary.

Our local sales and technical team will be pleased to help our customers, with all their inquiries. 

Another step in our international expansion.

Suteau-Anver Germany
30 Worringer Strasse
Tél : 0049 221 643 07 182

New Suteau Anver building
Termination Fase 1 of our factory

Suteau-Anver is investing in the future… An important step was the renovation of our premises. We are proud to announce that we finished the first part of the renovation process.

  • Our new showroom (400 sqm, where we will show our complete machine range)
  • Our new sales offices, designed for the future, with connected meeting rooms, allowing us to be in contact with our customers worldwide, through video conference, or event better to receive our visiting customers in outstanding conditions
  • New mounting hall
  • New painting cabine

We expect, the complete renovation process will be finished end 09/2016, and we will keep you informed about it.

World leading manufacturer of “Die cutting presses” and “Laminating lines”

Thousands of Suteau-Anver machines are running worldwide.

Our cutting presses are recognized as reliable, cost-effective and easy to use in all kind of industries : packaging, automotive, flooring, leather, foam, textile, etc…

Our laminating lines are considered as the most flexible and the modular concept allow the Customer to choose the line as a “tailor made” one.

Laminating machine
Laminating machine

Take a look to our videos :

Laminating lines :
Die cutting presses :